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  • 2019In appropriate labor contest to recognize

    To arouse the enthusiasm for the general staff,Than energy,The dedication,Company Labour union in combination with the practical situation of the company,Specific to2019Years6Month11On the afternoon3In the pointPEWorkshop to carry out the labor contest。From the production line7Employees for the field。Before the kick-off7Contestants draw respectively,Each player..

  • “Appropriate masters cup”The second worker claw

    In order to further build“The sun、Happy、Upward”Harmonious atmosphere,Enhance team cohesion,A call to exercise at the same time,Positive in a more full enthusiasm into work,Hold the company trade union organizations“Appropriate masters cup”The second badminton match,From other departments30More than badminton lovers together..

Appropriate introduction to recognizeYishuo Profile


Yichang should undertake suye co., LTD(简称:Appropriate model),Is located in the eastern gate of yichang——Zhijiang city economic and technological development zone。

The company registered capital10012.5Ten thousand yuan,Mainly engaged in fuel gas with buried polyethylene(PE)、Water supply with polyvinyl chloride (PVC)(PVC)、Water supply with polyethylene(PE)、Hot and cold water with polypropylene(PPR)、Building drainage with polyvinyl chloride (PVC)(PVC)、Polyethylene plastic drainage(SRWPE)Steel tubes、Inside ribs enhance PE(PE)Spiral corrugated pipe、Sprinkler irrigation、Drip irrigation、Microspray irrigation water-saving irrigation, such as plastic pipes and pipe fittings as the core of the development of high-tech products、The development and sales and installation,The article has nearly 20PVC、PE、PPRPipe automatic production lines and match the pipe fittings production equipment more than 10 sets,Productiondn20~2400mmPipes and pipe fittings。With strong research and development、Production ability and the broad market sales channels。

On the basis of companyISO9002Series quality system standard,Formulation and implementation of the accord with the actual situation of my company's quality manual and quality system standard,Implement total quality management,To ensure the quality of the product;There is a unity、Efficient、Excellent marketing team,In hunan province、Chongqing、Shaanxi、In jiangxi province、Anhui province、Guangxi、Henan、Sichuan province and hubei xiangfan、Shiyan、Xiaogan、Yichang has offices and other counties and cities;Have a professional installation、The construction team,You can quickly and efficiently solve problems for customers、To provide quality services。

Companies adhering to the “In order to quality for quantity、Reputation first”The management policy,With excellent product quality and perfect quality assurance service to win the market,In the industry have laid a solid foundation。Products over the years has been well received by the majority of users,And to get water、Construction and other departments of the support and promotion,Continuous8Selected by the ministry of water resources《The national rural drinking water safety engineering materials equipment product information》The annual report,And won“Hubei province famous brand products”The title。

The company has advanced management mode and flexible marketing,Willing to work with friends from all walks of life hand in hand with into、Seek common development。

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